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Asphalt Seal Coat

Sealcoating is the core for optimal asphalt pavement maintenance for your property investment. A proven industry standard, sealcoat is a coal tar emulsion sealer, which protects and beautifies your asphalt when applied. Seal Coating is when a liquid emulsion “the sealant” is placed on an asphalt surface. This liquid coating is applied over a clean asphalt surface to protect the asphalt top layer and seal the surface. When the seal coat dries then Burton Asphalt will re-paint your pavement markings. This process will leave your parking lot looking brand new!

It is recommended that you apply at least two coats of sealer every 2 to 3 years. How often you need to re-apply your coating depends on the amount of traffic, usage, and weather conditions for your property. Contact Burton Asphalt for a consultation on your needs.

Florida weather can play a big part in how much erosion can occur. The hot Central Florida sun can wreak havoc on the asphalt. All asphalt surfaces need to be maintained. A regular maintenance routine for your parking lot will ensure that you protect your investment. The look of your business can have an impact on the overall value of your property. Don’t settle for a less than perfect look to your parking lot when the experts at Burton Asphalt can work to create a parking lot program that fits your property maintenance budget.

Blacktop sealer is not just to make your parking lot look good. The pavement sealer is an economical way to extend the life of your asphalt as it shields the surface from pavement deterioration attributed from water penetration, vehicle oils and gasoline, oxidation from the strong Central Florida sun, cold and hot weather temperatures and salt.

If the seal coat is not properly maintained on a regular basis, damage to the asphalt surface will occur. Preventative maintenance is much more cost effective than repairing damaged asphalt.

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