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Parking Lot Signage, Warning Mats and Car Stops

Having your property be in the best condition is much more than just the surface of the parking lot.  Resurfacing your parking lot asphalt or having a fresh sealcoat is an important first step for proper parking lot maintenance.  When the surface of your parking lot is A+ then it is time to think about the signs, warning mats, car stops and American with Disabilities Act compliance regulations.

ada compliant icon Is your property is in compliance with American with Disabilities Act warning mat requirements?  If you are not sure contact Burton Asphalt for an evaluation of your property for ADA compliance.

safety warning mats

Safety Mat / Warning Mat Installation

Our company provides quality installation of detectable warnings mats and/or truncated domes. Detectable warning mats are installed on walking surfaces to warn visually impaired people of hazards on a circulation path. The detectable warning mats are identifiable with a cane or under an individual’s foot. You will find warning mats at curb ramps, transit platform edges and hazardous vehicular ways. Ask our staff if your property is in compliance with American with Disabilities Act warning mat requirements.

stop sign

Standard or Custom Signage

We use traffic signs manufactured by M.U.T.C.D. and F.D.O.T. specifications on .080 gauge aluminum and with reflective sheeting. Our traffic signs include regulatory, warning, no parking, school, F.D.O.T, informational and custom signage. Each of these signs is available in high performance reflectivity or engineer grade. We have custom signage to meet any parking lot needs. For example, a condo association may prohibit tobacco use or skateboarding on the property. Our company will work with our client on a design and accurate verbiage for the sign to assist with resident policy compliance.

Sign and Post Installation

Burton Asphalt and Services, Inc. furnishes and installs signs on a variety of galvanized posts, or mounts them to existing structures. Our staff will install all signs and posts to the correct height along with appropriate signage to adhere to laws.

parking lot car stops

Car Stops (Wheel Stops)

Car stops also known as wheel stops, “stop” a vehicle and/or protect the area beyond the parking stall such as landscaping, buildings or sign posts. Our staff will place, set, pin and install concrete or plastic car stops for your property. To reduce your property liability it is important to replace broken car stops as they become a tripping hazard and the protruding rebar can scrape or damage vehicles.

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